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Sunday School – Children

Partnering with you to build and encourage a full relationship between your child and God…


We know you love your children and so do we!  You are, of course, always welcome to have your children attend any of our worship services with you. We also hope that your children will join in our Sunday School program.   Children are a precious gift from God, and we will treat your children as such. You will find that Sunday School is welcoming, fun, and educational.  Our Sunday School rooms are on the lower level.  When visiting, you may follow the signs directing you to the Sunday School Gathering Room  (Room 116) or you may ask a greeter, usher, or Welcome Center volunteer for help.  You are welcome to stay with your child until he or she is comfortable.  We hope you’ll join us as often as you can but want you to know that you are ALWAYS welcome to come.

Drop Off and Security

When you drop off your child in Sunday School for Preschool through 5th Grade, you will be given a pager that will be assigned to your child.  If, for any reason, you are needed during the service, your pager will light up  and vibrate to alert you.  You must have the pager to pick up your child.  If you misplace the pager, you will be required to provide proper identification in order for us to release your child.

When you drop off, please also notify a volunteer if your child has any allergies, potty training needs, or other medical alerts.

We value an environment where children are physically and emotionally safe and secure from any kind of harm.   Besides providing  pagers, we also enforce Child Protection Policies.  All staff and volunteers who work unsupervised with children have full reference and background checks and are trained to provide the best care and Christian teachings to your child.

We strive to provide an environment where parents feel confident leaving their children & where children feel confident coming in!


Preschool (ages 3-4)……..Room 102
Jr. High.…………………..Room 115
All other age groups begin in our meeting room.…………….Room 116
And then proceed to their classrooms:
Pre-K & Kindergarten….Room 111
st Grade…………………Room 113
2nd & 3rd Grade………….Room 112
4th & 5th
Grade…………..Room 117


Every Sunday from 9:30 am – 10:30 am
Pre-K (age 3) through Grade 8



  • Stand alone lessons each week
  • Play time
  • Snack time
  • Activity or Craft

Pre-K—5th Grade

  • 4 Week Topical Curriculum
  • Allows for deeper understanding of topic & a rotation of learning activities that include:
    • Drama
    • Music
    • Games
    • Cooking
    • Crafts
    • Science
Jr. High
  • This class and it’s facilitators develop their own lessons to meet the needs and interests of the youth in the class

Event Information

We host monthly activities during the school year that include bowing, planetarium visits, movie days, and game nights.

We also have three parties throughout the year. We have a kick-off party in early September. This is a time to play together, learn each other’s names, and create some friendships. Our second party is the Happy Birthday Jesus party. We celebrate Christ’s birth with cake, ice cream, and games! The final party takes place after the Children’s Sabbath in May. We again take time to play games and celebrate all the amazing things they have learned and an excellent job during the Children’s Sabbath.

Volunteer Opportunity

We would love to have you join our Children’s Ministry team.  There are so many different ways you can help.  To volunteer to teach, substitute teach, help with activities or special events, please contact us.  It’s fun, you get to make new friends, get to know the kids and show God’s love to our little ones!   Training and curriculum are provided.

Accordion Content

For grades K-5, we begin with an introduction or review of the current topic. We then have a time for offering.  This is to encourage a cheerful heart in giving to the Lord and model an aspect of a normal church service. Following the offering, the children are given the opportunity to say any of the memorizations they have been working on. We then complete this time with a prayer led by one of the children. Then the children are dismissed to their age appropriate classrooms to learn more about the topic at hand.

For our preschoolers, we begin with a half hour of free play time. The children then eat a snack while the lesson is presented. Finally, they participate in a craft or activity based on the lesson.

For grades K-5, the same topic is studied for approximately 4 weeks. This allows for a deeper understanding of the topics and the ability to adapt to various learning modalities. The curriculum used is a rotation style curriculum which provides activities on each topic in a variety of different areas: such a drama, arts, music, games, cooking, crafts, and science.

In addition to the provided curriculum, we have created a program called Footprints to encourage participation in and out of the classroom as they learn to “Walk with God”. The children can earn points for doing a variety of tasks which include: leading a prayer, ushering, bringing a friend, bringing their bibles (Which are provided when a child enters this program), attending for an entire month, reading their bibles every day for 5 minutes, reading a book from the Sunday School library and filling out a small book report sheet, or memorizing scriptures. Twice during the school year, the children are allowed to spend the points they earned in the Sunday School Store. A challenge has been issued as well, that if any child is able to memorize all of the memory verses during a single school year, they will be able to throw a pie in Mrs. Kimi’s face during a church service to celebrate the wonderful accomplishment.

Please note that our summer curriculum is different in order to give our regular Sunday School teachers a break.  Jr. High Sunday School does not meet during the summer.

During the summer, the program changes a little as the normal teachers are given a chance to rest and rejuvenate.  For the months of June, July, and August, we use a weekly stand-alone curriculum and invite the parents to take a class for a week to teach. The lessons are user friendly and all materials are provided so it requires little to no preparation.

Junior High takes the summers off to give the children the opportunity to go to church with their families and to rest and rejuvenate our teachers.

We are always looking for substitute teachers and regular teachers (this can be done biweekly as a team!) for our Sunday School classes.  We keep the same teachers for each class, in order to foster a stronger relationship between the child and his or her teacher.

We would love to have you join our Children’s Ministry team.  There are so many different ways you can help.  To volunteer to teach, substitute teach, help with activities or special events, please contact us.  It’s fun, you get to make new friends, get to know the kids and show God’s love to our little ones!

You’re invited to  Vacation Bible School (VBS)  — a fun-filled summer week of music, Bible stories, crafts, games, snacks, and friendship.  Adult and teen crew leaders join in on the fun and enjoy this time with the kids learning, creating, and serving.  Preschool children through 5th Grade are invited to participate each summer!  Please also check out our other Children’s Ministries !

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