United Methodist Women

Group Description

First United Methodist Church of Crown Point’s United Methodist Women (UMW) have five Circles:

Peace & Joy CircleGlory CircleLove Circle, Susannah Wesley Circle, and Faith & Hope Circle

We welcome new members and would love to have you visit and see which Circle meets your needs.  We are there for each other, when someone is sick or for Funeral Dinners (which we also help with) or when someone has a new baby or becomes a Grandma.  We have a great group of Christian Ladies, some have been together for 50-plus years and some have just formed a new Circle two years ago.  Collen Wright is our President.

Member Information

Open to all adult women.  Interested persons may join at any time

Meeting Information

Please see individual Circle’s pages for meeting times

Event Information

THE UMW have three annual fund raisers to help meet their Mission budget.  The Birthday Luncheon is held the last Saturday of April at noon along with a Bake Sale.  Our Chicken Dinner is held in September and we hold a Bake Sale in November.  Also, members take an offering at their Circle Meetings.  Our income for 2014 was $9,000.00, as we also sold our cookbooks.
We are part of 800,000 UMW members worldwide.  Half of our budget goes to our District Mission programs which take place in many areas in the United States and across the World.  We also support local mission projects such as Adopt-A-FamilyBashor Children’s Home, Cedar Lake Food Pantry, Community Food Pantry, Lebanon Children’s Home, Meals on Wheels, Pastor’s Discretionary Fund, Royal Family Kids Camp, Shut-In Baskets, St. Jude House, and Youth Camps.

Annual Birthday Luncheon Photos