Permanent Endowment/Memorial Committe

Group Description

The Committee’s role is to be the stewards for the Permanent Endowment and Memorial Funds held by the First United Methodist Foundation.  Our by-laws list

the duties as:
  1. Promote giving to the Fund and proper accounting practices to the donor and the church,
  2. Recommend all adults have a will and estate plan,
  3. Report annually to the Charge Conference on income, gift acceptance and disposition and Memorial Funds held for one year that go into Fund,
  4. Expend the income through an established yearly granting process, and
  5. Follow best practices for Foundation management.

The Committee evaluates level of disbursement to be taken from fund earnings in previous year based on formula of 20 rolling quarters of return.  Based on that amount, the committee reviews applications and determines grant recipients.  The grantees are announced in the Beacon, and asked to provide a report of spending in the following year.

Member Information

Established standing committee of First United Methodist Church of Crown Point with members chosen by Church Nominations Committee.

Meeting Information

Meet in first quarter to provide grant applications to Church committees and Administrative Board.  The committee may meet upon the call of the chair at any time.

Other Information