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August 2018 Roatan Update
Our journey began in 2011 when our first mission team traveled to the tiny island of Roatan, Honduras and worked with Pastor Joe Summers of the Oklahoma Conference. Joe had been working with the Methodist churches on the island for six or seven years and was aware of their needs. One such need was in the town of Wet End. This town is a popular tourist destination for divers, diners and shoppers. There are shops owned by local artisans and shops with items from Honduras and Guatemala. There a number of excellent restaurants.
The Methodist church in West End was crumbling into the waters of Half Moon Bay when we first saw it in 2011. It was in need of demolishing and replacing. Architect Jim Smith was with us and like the rest of us, he was excited at the prospect of playing an integral part in restoring a Methodist church in West End.
Jim designed a beautiful, multi-purpose building that will serve the community in several ways. It will be an amazing place to worship and grow God’s Kingdom, a community center to benefit all and a much needed medical clinic. It has possibilities for other outreach programs such as a food pantry and thrift shop as well.
          In March of 2013 we challenged ourselves to raise $100,000 towards this project over a four year period. At the end of this month our four years will conclude. The building has been demolished, the ground cleared, a fifteen foot deep sea wall constructed, and the foundation has been laid.
In the face of some challenges, we have persevered. We have received support from Indiana United Methodist churches, the Indiana United Methodist Foundation, and other sources outside of our congregation for a total of almost $12,000.00. That in addition to the $100,000.00 raised through our congregation shows that we have surpassed our goal! The people of Roatan are thankful for the faithfulness of CPUMC.
          Several of us who have been returning every year to the island are in the process of forming a 501c3, “Roatan, Honduras West End Methodist Church Association, Inc.”. There will be board members from the island as well as from here. This will enable us to continue and further our fund raising. It will be beneficial for grant applications as we search other sources for the needed funding to complete the building. This new step will be a giant leap forward and we are confident in its success.
          This summer a new, affordable, contractor was found and construction began. Bonnie spent two weeks on the island supervising and photographing the progress. Now, a month later, the first floor exterior is complete. The work of finishing the interior work begins. Our February 2019 Mission Team plans on installing a bathroom, landscape around the building and perhaps a few other jobs that we can address.
`        The team will be having some fun events to help raise money for these projects, including a Dinner and a Show on November 30th. Keep checking for further updates.
          Crown Point 1st UMC is the cornerstone of this new church. Through your generosity and prayerful support there will be this beautiful church in West End, Roatan where people’s spirits are fed, where they can safely gather, where they can receive medical attention and so much more.
          Thank you and God bless.

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