Last Day of our Mission

Today I went to D.U.G which is an urban garden in Denver. It was a gigantic farm that had a variety of things. I met two farmers, Chris and Hamadi. Hamadi was from Somalia and was very energetic and funny. We started off by getting gloves and doing some stretches. We then split into 2 groups and my group went to the raspberry plants. Our job was to remove a weed called a “thistle” and other long grasses and weeds like dandelion plants and long grasses that took up a lot of space. The thistles were very spiky and they would hurt if you hit your hand or arm. I saw God in this site because I realized that this job is what a lot of other people do for a living and how hard you have to work in order to succeed in doing it. God showed me to be grateful in what luxuries I have and how much hard work other people do in order to live daily. After we got back from lunch and showers, I got put into another group with Stephanie, Nora, Thomas, and Jack. We were doing something called Immersion.  Immersion was where we had 2 dollars per person for dinner and 2 dollars to try and find a specific newspaper called “The Denver Voice”. It is written by the homeless for the homeless. We were given this set of 15 cards with directions on them to experience what it is like to live on the streets with little to no money and how it feels to be looked at from a different perspective. We had 4 hours to walk around Denver and get back to the “shelter” (church). One of the first big places we visited was the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception. The 5 of us walked in and were completely blown away by how fancy and nice the inside was. Unfortunately, pictures were not allowed but that’s beside the point. After we walked back outside we talked about how if we were homeless, if we were okay with walking inside of the Cathedral. We all said yes but when we really thought about it, we didn’t really know what to think about it. We walked a total of 6 miles and it was tiring but also really influential. We had a challenge to try and find a paper job application somewhere but wherever we went the applications were either online or they didn’t have any. At around 6:30 we saw a pretzel vendor and decided that was where we were going to eat dinner. Jack, Thomas, and I split 1 pretzel and 1 water. Stephanie and Nora split 1 pretzel and 1 water. While we ate dinner, we sat on the ground outside of a very fancy CVS. We got very many weird looks and not a lot of people noticing us. We also found out that it cost around $250 for 1 night at a Hilton Suite hotel. We were also challenged to find a public restroom and not to use a store because they would not allow our homeless friends to use the bathroom. We started this event at 3:40 so we had to get back around 7:40. We ended up getting back around 7:25 so we had to sit outside until the shelter opened. This was one of the most eye-opening activities we did and I’m really glad we did it because it really opened up our eyes, minds, and hearts to how much each of us have compared to a lot of people in the city of Denver.



Today we first went to the D.U.G. which stands for Denver urban garden. It was a pretty big farm and they grow many plants like radishes to dill. I met four farmers today Chris and Hamadi but I couldn’t get the other two names.  Hamadi was from Somalia and was so funny, always happy and always had a smile on his face. I saw god in Hamadi because he made everyone laugh and he was very kind. So, we first got some gloves on and then did some stretches, then headed to work. So, we first separated in to groups so Bryce, Shallyn, Landon, lily, Carla, and Amanda were in a group and me, Lucy, jack and Ms. Kelly in the group. Bryce’s group spent all of the time on the raspberries but my group went to first kale then cabbage and then we join the other group with the raspberries and then we ate lunch. Then we left back to the church and played around for an hour and out of nowhere Renee and Kodee called me, Bryce, Nora, Stephanie and jack outside and then they said ok you guys will have $10 and you have to do this and they gave us a little card book that told us what to do so we headed out. They released the other groups at different times. But we walked about 6-7 miles the whole time the first place we went to was the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception and when we walked in it was so big and beautiful. The thing is the cathedral didn’t allow pictures. After that we tried to go to a pizza place but we couldn’t get any.  Then we went to the 16thstreet mall and walked around and then we bought some food me, Bryce, and jack shared a pretzel and water and Nora and Stephanie shared a pretzel and water and then we looked at the prices at the hotel and they were $250 a night. And the we walked back to the church and got back at 7:25.

Bryce & Thomas