To the People of our Church

Here at the First UMC of Crown Point we are doing our best to take care of anyone in need. During this uncertain time we have decided to continue providing Sunday morning services and some smaller events throughout the week. One project that we are excited about and eager to initiate for our church family is for high risk elderly individuals. If you are high risk and unable to get to the grocery store on your own, please contact us (219-663-1515, Fill out the Request Form below or Email us at with your grocery list, address, and phone number so that we can provide you with what you need as it is available and have it delivered to you, by one of our own! We will do our best to provide you with the necessities, but please understand that some things have been very limited in the stores and we will provide as we are able. We are also currently working on other ways to be of service to our community. Please keep an eye on our facebook page @CP.FirstMethodist, and our website www.fumccp.orgfor updates on ways we are serving our community. If you need assistance in any ways that we have not mentioned, please don’t hesitate to call us at 219-663-1515 or email us at We encourage all who are high risk to stay home and stay safe. If you would like to worship on Sundays with us we have a live stream available, CLICK HERE to STREAM.

We know that this is a difficult time, but remember that God is always greater than our deepest fears.

Danno Lambert
Director of Ministries

FUMCCP Grocery Request Form