Confirmation Mentor

Confirmation Description

Confirmation is  a process for our youth, from the 8th grade through High School, to become full members of our church. This is a 5 month process of mentoring, group activities, and field trips (mentors are not required to attend activities or field trips.) Through this process, the youth will come to understand what it means to be a mature Christian, and begin to discern where their place is in His family, the church.  The Confirmation process begins annually in January and continues through May.

Mentor Information

A Confirmation Mentor should be over age 18, approved by the Confirmation Committee, and able to attend the Confirmation training classes with the student. The mentor does not have to be a member of First United Methodist Church or even a United Methodist, but should have similar beliefs.


You might think you need to have all the answers to be a good mentor. You don’t. You may feel inadequate in your knowledge of the Bible and understanding of the Christian faith. If you’re like most people, you have some questions, even doubts of your own. That’s okay. Healthy Christian relationships don’t happen as a result of one person knowing the correct answers and feeding them to the other person. A healthy mentor/student relationship involves two people growing to know and love each other, willing to ask honest questions and seek the answers together. The very word disciple, means “student,” or “learner.”


Mentors are given more detailed guidelines at our Confirmation Kick Off Meetings; but briefly, a mentor should:

  • Attend Confirmation classes with your student.  We meet about 3 Sundays a month January through May in the evening.  If you can’t make a meeting, just let us know!
  • Be a friend and guide, a companion for the journey.
  • Be an example – Allow your mentee to watch you live out your faith daily.
  • Be open – Your mentee will be encouraged to know you had similar struggles as a teenager and that through those struggles you learned what it means to trust God.
  • Be a listener – Focus on your mentee’s relationship with God and his/her growth in faith.
  • Be encouraging – All of us are more likely to grow when we receive positive affirmation. Don’t just think a compliment, say it!
  • Be caring – Help your young person to become comfortable sharing with you.
  • Be prayerful – It is God who ultimately does the work of transforming lives. Pray for your mentee and trust God to work through you.

So, you see, it’s not a difficult role. As a mentor, you have the opportunity to make a real and positive difference in the life of a young person.


We ask simply that you are willing to affirm, build up and encourage your student through the Confirmation Journey by meeting with them for confirmation classes and at least a few outside meetings during this time.  It is our hope that your relationship will continue beyond confirmation.