Assignment Teach Me

Group Description

Assignment Teach Me involves volunteers who are partnering with schools in the Crown Point Community. People donate their time (one or more hours per week) and talents (tutoring, reading to young children, helping teachers and office staff with clerical work, etc.) to assist teachers/staff to help children. 

Member Information

This group is open to all adults.  Interested persons may join at any time as long as tutoring positions are available.
Volunteer Testimonials
“We went twice a week to Eisenhower Elementary School to work in our granddaughter’s first grade & our grandson’s  second grade classrooms. Both teachers always had specific tasks for us. In first grade, we helped with learning centers, craft projects, reading with students, practicing skills, & helping them learn their lines for their end of the year program.  In second grade, we mostly helped with math small groups. Probably the most special part for us was spending time with all these delightful children & to see how excited they were each week to see us when we came. “

Perhaps you remember from your childhood Vacation Bible School music, “I’ve got the joy, joy, joy down in my heart…”  I found that helping in a class with young children was a constant wellspring of joy.  From the first greeting and sharing of their classroom activities to the anticipation of the story I read to them, joy was mirrored on every face.  Then we broke into small groups and helped the children as they progressed from letters to actually reading to me.  As you may have guessed, the joy was mine!”