2019-12-31 Youth Group Lock In

Christmas/New Year’s lockin 2020.  Registration begins at 8pm on the 31st.  Entry fee for the event is a snack for every to share (bag of chips, brownies, chips and dip, etc.) as well as a $10 gift for the Christmas Gift Exchange.  Doors will open at 8pm, no earlier, so if you come early you won’t be allowed into the building until 8pm, plan accordingly.  This evening is filled with fun games, chilling with the best of friends, first worship of the year after the New Year Countdown and food.  Not a whole lot of downtime.  Bring your pillow and sleeping bag if you’d like, but your friends may not allow you to sleep.  Cant’ wait to ring in the new year with all of you and then sleep the next few days away!  As always we are looking for volunteers for this evening.  No need to stay all night but if there are a few hours that you could help out that would be awesome!  There is plenty of fun and chaos that all can be a part of.  Please let Danno know if you are willing to help.  Email at Danno@fumccp.org or call the office and let someone know that you are wanting to help!